Archangel Oracle Cards


Life Review
Archangel Jeremiel: “Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced.”

This is the angel you call upon to help you review your life. Archangel Jeremiel will walk you through memories in your life and show you the lesson that you have learnt. The areas that you need to heal, he will help you discard what is no longer needed. When we take the time to evaluate our lives with an open mind and heart,you no longer feel pain or discomfort you have healed these wounds.

May you walk through the memories in your life and feel no pain. Let it go, it no longer has a voice.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards


Three of Michael
“Release the past. You will grow from this situation. Time heals all wounds.


This card has shown up again within the past few weeks you still have work to do. Dig deeper and receive the healing that is awaiting you. Ask Archangel Michael to cut the chords that have you attached to this situation. Remember time heals, give yourself the time.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Oracle Cards


Chakra Clearing
Archangel Metatron: ” Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes.”

Call upon this angel to clear your chakras to get rid of any negative toxins that are holding you back from awareness. This angel will come through your crown chakra and work through each one until it is cleared. This will heighten your intuitive.

May you listen to your inner voice and let it guide you.

Love,Light and Gratitude

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.
Blocked energy in our 7 Chakras can often lead to illness so it’s important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. Here’s our quick summary:

1. Root Chakra – Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.
•Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.
•Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food.
•More on Root Chakra healing

2. Sacral Chakra – Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.
•Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in.
•Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality.
•More on Sacral Chakra healing

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.
•Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.
•Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.
•More on Solar Plexus Chakra healing

4. Heart Chakra – Our ability to love.
•Location: Center of chest just above heart.
•Emotional issues: Love, joy, inner peace.
•More on Heart Chakra healing

5. Throat Chakra – Our ability to communicate.
•Location: Throat.
•Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth.
•More on Throat Chakra healing

6. Third Eye Chakra – Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.
•Location: Forehead between the eyes. (Also called the Brow Chakra)
•Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions.
•More on Third Eye Chakra healing

7. Crown Chakra – The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.
•Location: The very top of the head.
•Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, pure bliss.
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Daily Guidance from your Angels


Let Your Past Go
“The burden of caring your past around has made you weary. Dear One. It’s time to set this burden down. Keep only the lessons and the love, and leave everything else behind. You don’t want it or need it, and it’s now gone.”

Your repeating patterns, it’s time to let go of the emotions that are holding you back. Time to release these thoughts and feelings and return to love. Once you’ve done this you can move on with positive outlook on any given situation.

May you conquer your past and look at it with a forgiving and loving heart.

Love Light and gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards


Nine of Raphael
“Make a wish! Dreams become a reality. A joyful time of life.

“Financial and material gratification flows to you as a reward for all of your hard work. Worries fade; fears dissolve. Life is magical! Beauty happiness are yours. Life feels joyful, and there is finally and opportunity to kick back and have some fun! Dreams coming true. Simple pleasures of life. Contentment. Sensuality. Loyalty.”


Time to relax and breath, take it all in and let go of the stress that has been hovering over you. Now is time to let the inner child out and play. Love life and live it. Kick off your shoes and go barefoot. Dance in the rain. Just relax and have fun!

May today be uplifted with the little things you do for yourself. Dream big and get big!

Love and Light

Daily Guidance from your Angels


Shower of Abundance
” To heal your financial situation, first give us your worries concerning money. We will guide you in order to show you how to create and accept abundance. As we work together, your financial situation will heal as fast as you’ll allow.”

The angels are waiting for you to ask for help. Listen to your gut feeling and follow it, this will guide you to financial success. Remember that God wants you to have everything your heart desires but you must ask for help. Abundance comes in many forms not just money but clearer ideas, more time for yourself. If you find coins along your path, that is from the angels or a love one that has passed. Whatever your situation may be the angels are here to help.

May today be fulfilled with abundance.

Love and Light

Archangel Oracle Cards


Archangel Raphael: “Take several deep breaths, and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and to release old patterns.”

Majority of the time when we are stressed we hold our breath. When you are feeling stress, stop and breath. Take deep breaths and as you exhale let go of the stress. This is a form of healing, practice this everyday and your situation will get better. Find time in nature and take deep breaths and leave your stress behind.

May you love yourself enough to take the time to breath and let go of the negativity.

Love and Light

Daily Guidance from your Angel Cards


Time To Go
“The sun sets and rises each day, and it’s the same with the avenues in your life. See the beauty within each sunset in your life, and know that the sun will also rise again tomorrow. Endings are merely the start of a new beginning, and we are with you through each phase and cycle.”


When one door closes another one opens. It is just having the faith and believe that all will be well. It is like we need to feel discomfort in our lives to appreciate the comfort. It is not easy but if you trust and have faith that everything will work out for the best. You have done the work now its time to move on.

May you trust that all will be well.

Love and Light

Archangel Oracle Cards

Archangel Oracle Cards

Gifts from God
Archangel Sandalphon: “We angels bring you gifts from your Creator. Open your arms to receive.”
“Heaven is expansive and ever-increasing. One of the ways in which Heaven expands is through giving and sending love continuously. This love is sent your way in many forms, and your only task is to be willing to receive. Right now, the answers to your prayers await your willing receptivity. Open your arms to these gifts! Your Creator wills that you be happy, healthy, secure, and that all your needs will provided. Release any fears of receiving to me.”

“One of Sandalphon principal roles is to deliver and answer your prayers. Sandalphone says that every prayer is heard and answered in Heaven, and there are plenty of angels to help everyone on Earth. Call upon Sandalphon when you need help in allowing yourself to receive.”

Intuitively; Open your heart to receive these gifts. It may come in many forms, people, places or things. Whatever you have been praying for, they are being answered. You need to be aware of the miracles that are being provided to you.

Have a blessed day and see the beauty in everything, especially yourself.

Love and Light

Daily Guidance from your Angels


Daily Guidance from your Angels

Steady Progress
“We acknowledge you for the progress you’ve made in remembering love in your daily activities. We can clearly see the contribution you’re making to the world through your thoughts, feelings, and actions of love.”

This card is a reassurance that your on the right path, look how far you have come. Don’t be so harsh on yourself and compare yourself with others. Focus on the progress and don’t think that you should be further then what you are.

Today give yourself credit for the progress that you have made.

Love and Light