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Creative Writing
Archangel Gabriel: ” Make time to write down your thoughts in a journal, or pen an article or book.”

” Your soul longs for creative expression through writing. I can help you with this activity. Honour any nudges to guide you to write. The writing may be a cathartic experience of self-expression in a private journal. As you work with your connection to the written word, you may receive Divine guidance to write articles or books for publication. Call upon me at any time to guide you through this process.”
As the messenger angel, Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages. Like a loving coach, she’ll urge you to delegate your time and energy toward writing. Gabriel can also open doors that allow for publication of your articles and books, if you’ll ask for assistance. Most of all, she’ll help you enjoy writing.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

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Ten of Gabriel
” Ask yours Angels for helpful people to lighten your load. Working too many hours. Trying too hard to please others.”

” It’s important to live a balanced life! Your determination and sheer will to accomplish the task before you is very admirable, but it’s taking a large toll on you. Delegate responsibility to those who can do a good job. Reduce stress for the sake of protecting your health. Release feelings of guilt, and remove unnecessary obligations from your schedule.
Your current challenges may feel burdensome, but there is a great deal to learn from this situation. This is time for growth that will make you stronger. Ask your angels and guides to place helpful people at your side.
Other meanings, trying too hard to please others. Light at the end of the tunnel. Overdeveloped sense of responsibility. Working too many hours.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

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Giving and Receiving

“The entire universe operates in cycles similar to your inhalations and exhalations. When you only exhale(give) or only inhale (receive) you become out of rhythm with the universe. For optimal health, energy, and replenishment, balance each inhalation in your life with an exhalation.”

“The angels sent this card to you because your giving-and-receiving ratio has been out of balance lately. If you’ve been giving much more than receiving, you’ve likely been feeling that others are taking advantage of your kindness. If your imbalance is in receiving more than giving, you may have felt uneasy, depressed, or even guilty. While it’s impossible to perfectly balance giving and receiving each day, you can strike a healthy balance. To do so, make sure to give something (like time, money, a gift, or compliments.) on a daily basis without expecting anything in return. On the same day, be a gracious receiver to unexpected offers of help, compliments, or other gifts. Say “Thank you” without embarrassment or guilt. In relationships where you’re the primary giver, express your needs and ask for help.”

“In your relationships, make sure you both give and receive. The situation you’re asking about requires balanced male and female energies. To receive, first you must give. Tithe whatever it is you need more of (time, money, items, and so on). Affirm: “I now receive good graciously into my life”

Love, Light and Gratitude


Archangel Oracle Cards


Brilliant Idea!
Archangel Uriel: ” Yes, your idea is Divinely guided… Please take action to bring your idea to fruition.”

” Your idea is an answered prayer. Even though it may push you past your comfort zone, know that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. Ask for, and be willing to receive, all the support that you need to bring the idea into fruition. Know that I’ll be there all along the way, and you can ask me for help at any time. I’m especially glad to give you ideas and creative insights to support your life’s purpose .”
” Uriel’s energy is pale yellow, like a candle’s glow. Whenever you need ideas or intellectual guidance, contact Uriel, his energy is aligned with the amber crystal.”

Don’t live in fear of success. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Time to expand, take your idea and move forward. When doubt ever enters that is your ego discouraging you. Don’t give it the time or day. You can have everything your heart desires, be true to yourself.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Daily Guidance from your Angels


Ground Yourself
” When you detach from awareness of your body and the physical world, you become ungrounded. Alright it’s pleasant to float heavenward, your attention and work are needed upon the earth. We’re helping you balance the spiritual and material so that you can enjoy a fulfilling Earthly Life.”
” This card is a signal that your energy and attention need to be grounded. If you’ve been feeling spacey, confused or forgetful this card speaks to you for a reason. Ungroundness means that your attention is directed up too high- as if your not in your body. A balance is needed between a focus on spirit and a focus on Earth. You can ground yourself by walking barefoot on grass or soil, by eating foods from the ground like potatoe or carrots. Or by visualizing roots coming from the bottom of your feet into the earth. Grounding will help you increase your connection wit the Angels and help you with your concentration. ”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Oracle Cards


Archangel Jophiel: ” Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realize. Still, they need nurturing and patience.”

” It takes time for a seedling to push through the ground and mature into a flower-bearing plant. Yet, each moment of a plant’s life cycle can bring joy to those who notice it’s beauty. In the same way, enjoy the process of realizing your dreams. Slow down and feel gratitude, as each step brings your manifestation into tangible form. Notice the lessons and love that spring from every moment that you engage in acting upon your dreams.”

Archangel Jophiel : ” Jophiel helps us experience more grace and peace in our lives through slowing down and noticing the beauty that already surrounds us. She asks us to savour and enjoy each moment, rather than hinging our happiness on some future goals. Call upon Jophiel anytime you feel rushed, stressed, or unhappy. She’ll increase your awareness and appreciation of life’s everyday miracles.”

No matter what you maybe experiencing, if you have gratitude in your heart it raises your vibration. Changing your thought process , changes the outcome. Stay positive, be grateful. I am grateful for you!

Love, light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards


Three of Gabriel

” Prosperity arising from wise planning. Time to take the next step. Optimistic plans that turn out as expected.”

” You’ve made some good choices, and now your ship is coming in! As you wait for it to dock. It’s an excellent time to consider your next steps. Long-term planning is a good idea. What is your next adventure ? What actions are required in order to make that endeavour a reality? You may need to travel for business purposes. Review your options while you keep your enthusiasm high. The work you’ve done so far will yield fantastic results, so there’s no need to worry! If it takes a little while for you to get a return on your financial or energetic investments, just have patience. ”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Daily Guidance from your Angels

Let Your Past Go

” The burden of carting your past around has made you weary. Dear One. It’s time to set this burden down. Keep only the lessons and the love, and leave everything else behind. You don’t want it or need it, and it’s now gone.”

” You received this card because your thoughts and feelings about the past are holding you back. You’re repeating a pattern because of unfinished emotions from your past. This card is a sign to forgive and move on, to stop painful patterns. It doesn’t mean that you’ve let toxic feelings go in exchange for peace. ”
Additional meanings: ” Approach a new situation or relationship with positive expectations. Avoid routines. Speak to a counsellor or support group. Forgive those who’ve hurt you. Forgive yourself. The worst is now behind you. Keep your thoughts about this situation high and bright.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

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Queen of Gabriel
Passionate, Charming, Brilliant,Independent

” You can do anything right now! Go after what you want. The ability to attract helpful people.

Situations: ” You can do anything right now! You may not fully grasp how wonderful you are, but those around you definitely see it! It’s time to believe in yourself. Your kind eagerness to help others in their lives will attract people willing to do the same for you.”

People: ” A very charming person whom everyone likes. Someone who is able to balance all aspects of his or her life with ease and grace.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Daily Guidance from your Angels


Change In Direction
” The changes you’re experiencing are Divinely directed by your newborn willingness to open your heart to love and our guidance. You are protected now and in the future, so follow your path to the happy outcomes you desire. ”

” This card signifies that you’ve had a change of heart that has altered the direction of your life in a positive way. Your old ways of living no longer interest you, and you find yourself avoiding friends and pastimes that previously attracted you. You desire a lifestyle and career that will better fit your new interests and passions. The Angels are guiding you through this time of transition. The Law of Attraction insures that you’ll manifest wonderful new opportunities and relationships.”

“You’re starting a new phase of your life. A new element in your life is a blessing, even if it doesn’t make sense right now.”

Love, Light and Gratitude