Daily Guidance from your Angels Ask


“Ask us to help you in this situation, and we will immediately go to work on your behalf. We’re governed by many universal laws, and among them is the free will that allows you to make your own choices and decisions. S we patiently await your request.”

“This card is a reminder to ask your angels for help more often. The angels can help with any and all areas of your life, including bringing you ideas, courage, faith, confidence, and clarity. They can also help with all material needs, such as money, time, health, and vitality.

Additional meaning: Ask for whatever you need. Instead of complaining, ask for help. Ask the people in your life to help you. Delegate. Hire others to assist you. Request help from your angels for everything, no matter how small or large.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Oracle Cards


Chakra Clearing
Archangel Metatron: “Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes.”

Additional meaning: Metatron uses sacred geometry shapes to clear and align the chakra energy centers in our bodies. Mentally ask Metatron to open your chakras, and he’ll gently send his “Metatron cube” ( the shape pictured in the card illustration) through the crown chakra at the top of your head. The cube rotates downward, cleaning psychic toxins from your body and chakras. When your chakras are clear, you’ll feel more energized and have increased intuition.

Working with Archangel Metatron: Metatron’s aura is a beautiful violet and sea-foam green stripes. The crystal aligned with Metatron’s energy is watermelon tourmaline.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Leap of Faith


Leap of Faith
Archangel Metatron: ” Believe in yourself! Listen to your heart. Do what gives you joy!”

” Archangel Metatron brings you this card to encourage you to take a leap of faith! You are fully empowered to follow a new path in life that is full of excitement and wonder. The opportunities for evolution and growth are truly unlimited if you’ll just have faith in yourself and believe in your dreams. You only have to take the first step to find yourself on the way to a happier new life. Your angels and guides will send helpful people to assist you as you go along. You’re encouraged to be proactive in researching whatever information is required. Don’t let a lack of experience or self-confidence hold you back. You are meant to have the joy you seek!

Being self-assured and believing in yourself. Child-like innocence. Unending curiosity. The joy of life. Following your heart.

Archangel Metatron is a loving and protective guide to young or highly sensitive people. He can help you free yourself from situations that no longer serve you. Metatron can also give you the courage and confidence to make important changes in your life. Call upon this archangel when you wish to get in touch with the that is within you or to release old fears that are holding you back.”

May you ask Metatron for help and release your fears to move forward and bring you joy!

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Oracle Cards Outdoors


Archangel Jophiel:
” Go outside, get some fresh air, and connect with nature to relieve stress and gain new, creative ideas.”

“Additional meaning: Connecting with nature helps synchronize your rhythms to the universal heartbeat. In this way, your natural timing improves so that you’re in the right place at the right. Being in nature renews your spirit and revives your energy level. Get outside every day, even if it takes some effort on your part. Once you’re in nature, take time to smell the roses and observe the glorious beauty. Know that you’re part of nature, and that you’re also beautiful.

Working with Archangel Jophiel: Jophiel’s name means “Beauty of God.” She sees beauty in everything and everyone, and helps you do the same. Jophiel knows that when we spend regular time outdoors, we’re cleared of lower energies, and naturally have a more beautiful outlook on life. Call upon Jophiel to ease your schedule to allow for outdoor time: plan a nature-based vacation, move to a more rural environment, start a butterfly garden, or just connect to nature in any way that pleases you.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Four of Raphael


Four of Raphael
“Seek out other possibilities. Look for the magic in life. Be aware of your own emotions.”

“There are additional options available to you! Your situation may seem to you to be limited or not what you’d hoped for, but there is more here than meets the eye. Opportunities are presenting themselves, but your focus is too narrow, so you aren’t seeing them. Open your eyes to all the possibilities!

Life may seem to be lacking in magic and excitement, but there is a great shot here at enlightenment. Spend time in meditation, with the knowledge that any disillusionment you feel is meant to urge you into self reflection….leading to a happier life.

Additional meaning: Awareness of your emotions. Taking things for granted. Missing the point.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Oracle Cards Moon Cycles

Archangel Oracle Cards

Moon Cycles
Archangel Haniel:
” Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize upon these cycles.”

“Additional meaning: The full moon is a perfect time to release anything you’re done with, the new moon is the time to focus on manifesting desires and intentions, and the evening before the full moon is an optimal time for healing, and for recharging healing instruments such as crystals and oils. Spend time looking at the moon, and notice how you feel in relationship to its cycles. As you discover the moon’s connection with your vitality and moods, you’ll be more in touch with its Divine magic.

Working with Archangel Haniel: Haniel’s aura is bluish white, like the full moon’s glow. The crystal associated with Haniel is the moonstone, which has magical, nurturing energy associated with it. Wear or hold a moonstone whenever you wish to feel close to Haniel. She will care for you with her nurturing mother energy and effect miracles with her love for you.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards     Knight of Michael 


Knight of Michael
“Time to move quickly! Change logic over emotion. Sudden changes.”

“Situations: Time for swift action! It will be necessary to move with great decisiveness and confidence. Develop a plan and know exactly how to carry it forward. There is a great deal of activity. This card encourages you to follow your mind over your heart for the results you desire. While you’re urged to act quickly, you mustn’t act impulsively.

People: A person who is able to accomplish many things at once. Someone with a mind and the capacity to solve any intellectual problem. Strong, focused, committed, educated.

Additional meaning: The champion of a cause. Sudden changes. Lack of diplomacy.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Daily Guidance from your Angels Notice the Signs



” Yes, the signs you’ve been receiving are heaven-scent. We drop feathers, coins, and other signs upon your path to remind you that you’re loved and never alone.”

“The Angels gave you this card to help you understand the signs you’ve been receiving lately. These signs may include feathers,coins, butterflies, birds, or other repetitive visions that make you think of the Angels, who have deliberately sent you these signs to let you know that they’re nearby-protecting, loving, and guiding you.

“Additional meaning: Your departed loved ones in heaven are saying “Hello! I love you!” Notice and believe in the repetitive signs you receive as validation that you’re on the right path, have faith. Follow the signs that are guiding you to your heart’s desire.”

Love, light and gratitude

Daily Guidance from you Angels Energy Work


Energy Work

“Life can be electrifying because it’s very essence is energy. Your body is a remarkable energy field that will positively respond to loving treatments. Your hands and heart are activated to give healing energy to your loved ones and clients.”

“You received this card because the angels say you would benefit from energy work, such as Reiki or Qi Gong. You can find a qualified practitioner by contacting your local metaphysical or holistic health centre. The angels suggest that you initiate a session where you’d receive an energy healing message that your life purpose involves giving energy healing work to others. If you have training in this respect (or you’ve been guided to seek such training, this card is a sign that you would excel in this area.

Additional meaning: Clear the energy in your home or environments. You’re very sensitive to energy, so regularly clear yourself of any energy you may have absorbed. Shield yourself by visualizing yourself surrounded by protective white and purple light. Take courses on energy healing work.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards King of Raphael 


King of Raphael
“Yes it is safe to trust! The ability to accomplish many things at once. Follow your creative passions.”

“Situations: Yes, it is safe to trust! You have the ability to accomplish great things at this time. Indulge any longing you may have to create art or music. Lend a hand to those around you who need assistance. Expect to meet someone you can really trust who is driven by the heart. Wise and heartfelt advice really makes a difference.

People: A warm and generous person who understands human nature. Someone who takes romantic relationships and close friendships very seriously. A humanitarian, honourable, refined, chivalrous, highly regarded.

Additional meaning: A patron of the arts. A peacemaker. A father or father figure. An interest in the healing arts.”

Love, Light and Gratitude