Archangel Power Tarot Cards The Empress

The Empress

“Time to act upon your plans! Creativity is rewarded. Luxurious or abundant resources.”

“Archangel Gabriel brings you this card to encourage you to create! Your artistic talents, alongside your nurturing instincts, give you the ability to manifest beautiful and amazing works. Think of this card as representing Mother Nature, the empress of creativity! Your plans flourish and grow so long ass you give them your devoted love and attention. If you focus is upon family matters such as relationships, children, or pregnancy, you can be assured of happy outcomes. Likewise, your career endeavors will also prove successful.
Your interest in beautiful, luxurious, or artful pursuits is well rewarded at this time. Concerns regarding physical or emotional well-being fade away. While your ability to nurture others is wonderful, don’t forget to also lovingly care for yourself!

Additional meaning: Time to move forward! Prosperity. A gift with growing plants and gardens. Motherhood. Determination to get things done.

Gabriel is the patron angel for those in the creative arts. Whether it’s music, poetry, or other artistic endeavors, this archangel can help inspire your work to new heights. Gabriel is also known for being a loving and helpful motivator if you’re having trouble completing your projects, as well as for delivering messages on behalf of God, including announcements of pregnancy. Call upon Archangel Gabriel for whatever project you’re attempting to give birth to.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

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