Archangel Power Tarot Cards Ace of Michael and Seven of Raphael

Archangel Power Tarot Cards

Ace of Michael

“A wonderful new idea! Don’t allow bumps in the road to hinder your progress. Clear up communication problems with others.”

“You’ve come up with a wonderful new idea! Insight that had previously eluded you shines upon a situation or problem. Now the way forward is clear to you, and you move full steam ahead. There is an opportunity here to do things in an entirely new way. Give attention to the details in your plan of action, but also keep an eye on the big picture. There could be a bumpy start, but don’t let that deter you from continuing to move forward! Clear up any communication problems with others. Don’t allow misunderstandings to fester. Get to the truth of the matter.

Additional meaning: Be honest with yourself. Look for the silver lining. Don’t give up!”


Seven of Raphael
“Time to make a decision! Be clear on what you want, and take action. A need for detoxification.”

“Time to make a decision! You may feel the situation is too complicated, but further research will reveal the right course of action. Intuition provides useful guidance on how to sort through all the possible choices. Listen to your inner voice!
Don’t be lulled into daydreams. Get clear on what you want, and then take action without looking back. If you’re drawn to a particular bucket on that card, the chakra colour holds meaning and guidance in making your choices.

Additional meaning: Unrealistic expectations, procrastination, confusion, indulging in excesses, a need for detoxification.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

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