Archangel Oracle Cards Courage


“Archangel Ariel: Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.”

“Additional meaning In this situation, you need to act upon your convictions even if others disagree. I’m protecting you from harm, and guiding you to be a loving warrior of light. As you stand up for your beliefs, you’re a role model for others. This is an important form of spiritual teaching, in which your example gives others courage to also stand up for their own principles.

Working with Archangel Ariel: Ariel’s name means “Lioness of God,” and she reflects these qualities, including bravery, courage, focus, and elegant movements. If you notice images of lions or lionesses, this signals that Ariel is with you. Call upon her to boost your confidence and courage.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Daily Guidance from your Angels Entrepreneur


“Self-employment suits your disposition and intentions. Working for yourself allows you to better follow your intuition and Divine guidance. We are your co-workers and teammates, who remain loyally by your side to ensure your success in all ways.”

“This card comes to you because you’re well suited to self-employment. You have the ideas, the drive, and the self-discipline required for entrepreneurial work. Yet, self-doubts make hesitate. The angels reassure you that you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. They will guide and support you along the way, and as long as you follow through on this action, your success is assured.

Additional meaning: Your ideas for a business are sound. Ease out of your present job by moonlighting with your desired business idea. Take action as you’re guided with respect to you career. Fully commit to succeeding in your new business.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Change Your Life


Change Your Life

“It’s time to change your life! This card represents a need to leave behind old belief systems and ways of doing things that have become stale and out-of-date. When this card presents itself, the Universe is telling you that you can no longer procrastinate on making changes that you know in your own heart you need to make. Suddenly, everything is crystal clear to you.

Change is inevitable if you’re to grow and evolve. Embrace this new direction in your life as liberating and exciting! You needn’t go through this transformation alone. Archangel Chamuel can help you find the new path and meaning in your life that you long for.

Additional meaning: Awakening. A sudden revelation that offers freedom. Unexpected transformations. Life experience.

Archangel Chamuel is said to observe the world from a very high vantage point. This gives him the ability to see opportunities that you may be missing. Call upon Archangel Chamuel whenever you’re searching for something. With his super angelic vision, he can clearly find a path that will lead your life in a new and exciting direction.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Ace of Raphael


Ace of Raphael
” A positive, new emotional experience. Fulfilling romantic relationships. Deep and lasting spiritual insights.”

“This is a new beginning of a new and positive emotional experience in your life! It may be a new person you become very close to or a situation that fills you with joy. Often this card signifies the start of a romantic relationship. You may find yourself falling in love or making a deep and personal connection with a new friend. Profound and lasting spiritual insights are possible at this time. Trust your intuition to lead you to happiness!”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Daily Guidance from your Angels Shower of Abundance


Shower of Abundance

“To heal your financial situation, first give us your worries concerning money. We will guide you in order to show you how to create and accept abundance. As we work together, your financial situation will heal as fast as you’ll allow.”

“This card is a sign that your prayers about finances have been heard and answered. The more you can listen to and follow your gut feelings right now, the quicker you’ll experience improvements in your financial situation.”

“If your finding coins that is loving signs from your angel’s and departed loved ones. An unexpected financial windfall is coming your way. Give any financial fears to your angels. Follow any guidance you receive, it could be an answered prayer about your finances. Abundance can take many forms, including having more time, opportunities, or clear ideas.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Daily Guidance from your Angels Life Purpose


Life Purpose
“The purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings great joy to yourself and others. Don’t worry about finding your purpose. Instead, focus upon serving a purpose, and then your purpose will serve you.”

“This card comes to you as a reminder that you needn’t struggle to find your life purpose. Don’t worry about how to make good money in a meaningful career. Don’t concern yourself with quitting or starting jobs or professions. Instead, follow the path of your natural desires, talents, and passions with the full intention of bringing joy to yourself and others. Your life purpose doesn’t need to be defined or pinpointed. It’s a process, not a category.

Additional meaning: Give all your worries about money or career to God and the angels. You’re on the right path toward your life’s purpose. Focus on one step at a time with respect to your life’s purpose and release fears about the future to the angels. What you’re doing right now is part of your life’s purpose.

Love, Life and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Ace of Michael

Archangel Power Tarot Cards

Ace of Michael

“A wonderful new idea! Don’t allow bumps in the road to hinder your progress. Clear up communication problems with others.”

“You’ve come up with a wonderful new idea! Insight that had previously eluded you shines upon a situation or problem. Now the way forward is clear to you, and you move full steam ahead. There is an opportunity here to do things in an entirely new way. Give attention to the details in your plan of action, but also keep an eye on the big picture. There could be a bumpy start, but don’t let that deter you from continuing to move forward! Clear up any communication problems with others. Don’t allow misunderstandings to fester. Get to the truth of the matter.

Additional meaning: Be honest with yourself. Look for the silver lining. Don’t give up!”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Oracle Cards Gentleness



Archangel Sandalphon: “Be very gentle with yourself at this time. Surround yourself with gentle people, situations, and environments.”

“Sandalphon wishes to help you feel peaceful and centred, and he strongly advises that you begin by listening to gentle music. Play it whenever you go. Talk quietly, and engage in slow, rhythmic movements such as swaying to music or a gentle yoga session. Don’t engage in battles at this time. Instead, retreat from conflict while you revive your spirit and become even stronger. Delay decision-making at this time. You’ll know exactly what to do when you emerge from your gentle retreat.

Working with Archangel Sandalphon: Sandalphon’s aura is a calming and cool shade of turquoise, like the translucent tropical ocean. Meditate upon this color, or hold the stone associated with his energy – turquoise – and feel your heart rate and breathing become quieter. Sandalphon can help your words and actions to be kind and gentle, yet powerful. As the archangel associated with music, you can feel his presence strongly when you listen to music, sing, or play a musical instrument.”

Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Oracle Cards Peace



“Archangel Chamuel: Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.”

“Look past the surface of this situation and see the underlying truth: that everyone involved is a child of God filled with love. By focusing upon this truth, you elicit loving behavior and solutions. Even though appearances may seem otherwise, trust that a higher wisdom is in charge. Love is the only power that exists, and its light shines away any seeming darkness. Hold the intention to look for examples of this light within yourself and others, and you’ll have more light in your mind, heart, thoughts, and life. This knowledge is the foundation of peace.

Working with Archangel Chamuel: When you wish to feel more centred, calm, and peaceful, call upon Chamuel. He is the archangel of personal and global peace. He’s very kind, loving, and sweet, and he’ll evoke a pleasant feeling of excitement when he works with you. Know that Chamuel sees your true qualities and loves you unconditionally
Love, Light and Gratitude

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Two of Gabriel


Two of Gabriel
“Make bold and ambitious choices! Great progress is possible. Important relationships with people who share your vision.”

“You’re making great progress! If you’re experiencing a pause in the action, then it’s time to reassert yourself and get things moving again. Be bold and ambitious! You may have a choice to make. Don’t let indecision keep you from going forward. The right choice won’t come from your mind….so follow your heart.
Important relationships are possible right now. Partner with people who share your outlook and passion.

Additional meaning: Long term vision. Business partnerships. Showing great courage. Gay friends or relationships.”

Love, Light and Gratitude